Sunday, 12 January 2014

Double release!


Okay, so here we go;

Tonight I have uploaded TWO new videos for your viewing pleasure!
The first being the second episode in my Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke challenge, which you can find Here!

In this second episode I move on from where we left off last time, just outside of Viridian city, and after I did a little bit of grinding to get my team up to a useable level. This episode I venture on toward a rival battle, and Viridian forest, and with a new area, brings the promise of a new Pokémon that I can catch!

The second video I've put out, is the premiere episode in a new series I'm calling 'Doctor Duke'. The video can be found HERE!  'Doctor Duke' takes place within the game 'Surgeon Simulator 2013' and will document my varied attempts at trying to save people's lives via very intrusive, bloody, and clumsy surgery. This series will be a mini-series, holding about 5-8 videos in total once it's done, and it won't be a weekly affair, they'll kind of just come out sporatically.

Also you may notice a new Poll up on the right, inquiring about your preference of surgery for the next Doctor Duke episode...thoughts?

As always, I'd love any criticism of comments you guys have on either of these series, feel free to leave them here or on the videos themselves on youtube!

Thanks for reading, I'll see you soon with the next update regarding The Ark Duke VS.

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