Friday, 3 January 2014

New things.

It's a new year, and a time for new things.

And to that end, I've created this here fancy-pants bloggerspaniel.

As The LARP King would say, "So it has come to this."

Well, yeah! It has. Arma Arkson and I are linking up our blogs to, so we have a nice circle of information and easy ways to keep tabs on all your favourite Arkellians. Mostly me, though.

Ah but you may be asking, "Duke, what is the purpose of this?" Well, you sir have a conveniently placed question. And here is where I'll be answering it!

I intend to have this blog essentially be an update feed about any upcoming/ongoing projects I have for the ArkDuke channel on youtube, as well as any exciting things is working on! We intend to start giving you all a reason to keep coming back, and more original content of all kinds is being thought up and drawn up for you greedy beasts across the globe.

I'll be posting any new videos I create on here first, as well. Not to mention a lot of bitching and complaining that might take place about the editing process. And hey who knows, maybe we'll even talk about some games that I play besides the ones on my channel! Who knows! I certainly don't...

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