Thursday, 9 January 2014


So the four day rotation of slogging through sick people and potentially pregnant women is over, and now I have four glorious days off to record, edit, and maybe if there's any time left actually play some games!

So I plan to have another episode of both the Nuzlocke, and Ark Duke VS released in the next four days, and also a new project I've been thinking about. Nothing massive, just a fun spin-off series that'll be 4 or 5 videos long at most, and won't be on the same schedule that the two series I've started are on, which is weekly. It'll most likely have random releases whenever I get the time to add to it, but look for the first glimpse of it before the weekend is over!

Also, the typing for the first Ark Duke VS Monotype episode has been chosen as per the poll on the right, and it is WATER!

So it looks like I'll be rocking an all water team. Gonna get on putting together a monstrous team tonight, and we shall see how it goes! As for what is going to be in the team, well, I can't say for sure, but you can be sure it'll star me! ;)

Keep your eyes on the Ark for all this excitement and more!

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